Clinical Studies

Sexual violence is a plague. Its incidence is not precisely known however because;

  • it is difficult to conduct epidemiological studies that are methodologically above reproach;
  • victims do not come forward;
  • there is an absence of active screening by medical professionals;
  • there is a taboo about sexual subjects.

Evaluation of secondary effects from sexual aggression is equally poorly done. Although psychological damage is recognized, physical repercussions are largely unexplored. Nevertheless, more publications are taking notice of such potential physical injury.

In order to;

  • mitigate the lack of information of chronic medical consequences of sexual violence and
  • better epidemiological knowledge of people exposed to sexual violence

persons having suffered sexual aggression will be included in 2014/2015 in four clinical studies coordinated by the medical team of Sexual Violence: STOP, in partnership with Professor Louis Jehel’s (INSERM U669).

SVS 14-01: This study is directed at those victims of sexual aggression who are covered by French Social Security


The absence of any large-scale French epidemiological study contributes to political inertia as to the the treatment and prevention of such violence.

Chronic medical consequences with respect to public health are enormous and are estimated to cost many millions of Euros annually. Objectifying these consequences should permit closer attention by those in power.

Results of such a study ought to provide a significant lever for unblocking money budgeted for treatment and prevention. Specifically it ought to make possible the obtaining of an ALD31, comprising all therapeutic aspects, including psychotherapies not eligible for reimbursement in France. Therapists involved must of course have specific competence in the area of treatment of sexual violence, particularly psycho-corporal treatment.

Study Procedure for Participants

Participation in this study is completely voluntary and unpaid.

Any one who decides to participate will complete a consent form containing his identification information which will remain confidential and will not appear in the data base of the study allowing the participant to be anonymous.

This kind of identification is necessary in order to avoid any attempt to corrupt the study. A declaration of how the study is to be conducted has been furnished to the CNIL.

Once the consent is received by the coordinator of the study, a link and password will be given to the participant which will allow him to respond online to the study’s questionnaire.

If you are eligible for this study and agree, by telling your story, to help in securing coverage for sexual violence under Social Security, please send an email to:



Docteur Violaine GUERIN
c/o Maison des Associations
23 rue Vernet
75008 Paris

Professeur Louis JEHEL
Université des Antilles et de la Guyane
Chef de Service Psychiatrie et Psychologie Médicale, Psychotraumatologie & Addictologie
CHU de Martinique
BP 632 – 97261 Fort de France Cedex
INSERM U669 EA 4569
Secrétariat : Madame Jacqueline NINO + 596 (0)596 552 044