Conference 2019

The 6th International Conference
took place in Paris on January 7th and 8th 2019

Program of the 6th International Congress (2019) – in english

CV of the speakers and moderators – Conference 2019

The 7/1


Speech of Madame la Députée Sophie Auconie

Slides of Dr Violaine Guérin
Progress made between two conferences

Speech of Andréa Bescond

Slides of Anne Maurel
Sexual violence, art and culture

Slides of Serge Garde
Evolution de la société vis-à-vis de la pédocriminalité

Testimony of Benjamin Orenstein
Extermination Camps – What are the consequences of the biggest traumas?

Slides of Dr Nathalie Regensberg de Andreis
Fibromyalgia and sexual violence

Slides of Pr Ghislain Devroede
Sexual violence and digestive somatisation

Slides of the Epidemiological Research Group
Sexual violence on underage. epidemiological study

Slides of Mikaël Poutiers
Sexual violence against children. The Council of Europe’s response

Slides of Dr Jean-Louis Thomas
Women, authors of sexual aggression

Slides of Valérie Moulin
Issues and criteria for psychological evaluation of authors of sexual violence

Slides of Violaine Chabardes
Threats children face online

Slides of Michael Moran
Sexual violence and the role of Interpol

Slides of Florence Tilkens
Sexual violence: what happened in the world in 2018?

The 8/1

Endometriosis Workshop and sexual violences
Dr Violaine Guérin

Key messages  2019
Sponsors 2019
List of participants 2019 
Press kit 2019

Conference 2019 – THE PHOTOS



Conference 2019 – THE VIDEOS

Mikaël Poutiers


Violaine Chabardes