SVS can exist and evolve thanks to:

SAFRAN (august 2013)

Whether you are aware of it or not, someone you know may have been a victim of sexual violence. You may have been one, too. ​

In France, because we lack extensive epidemiological studies we cannot begin to appreciate the magnitude of the scourge that sexual violence represents. This is one of the reasons why appropriate solutions cannot be implemented. One man in six and one woman in four, however, are victims of this kind of violence.

Sexual violence causes colossal damage, with multiple aspects, leading in general to death – physical and/or psychological, rapid or agonizingly slow. Very few of us comprehend the magnitude of this damage.

Repressing the trauma is the main psychological coping mechanism. For the majority of victims, it is a principal reason for delayed awareness of the event causing the trauma. No statue of limitations should therefore be applied to this kind of act.

Sexual violence concerns men and women in closely related proportions. Roots of this violence can be found in sexual assaults made on children, both boys and girls. If we are to protect our children, we must have NO tolerance WHATSOEVER for sexual assaults, i.e. Zero Tolerance.

It’s time that things change. This is why the Association SEXUAL VIOLENCE: STOP! (SVS) was created. The goal of SVS is not to “fight” against sexual violence but to eradicate it.

The core of SVS’ strategy is based on the analogy between sexual violence and a viral epidemic.

A victim is a sick person with a potential to be infectious.
Sexual violence is a contagious sickness.
The remedy is a strategy to eradicate an epidemic.

Created by doctors, SVS has instituted a five year project, with annual national conferences to provide information, to put into place necessary programs of prevention and to train people in procedures for remedial care. This project is designed to implement the strategy of eradication of sexual violence, based on zero tolerance within five years.

SVS began officially on March 11, 2013 with a multidisciplinary conference in the Senate. Specialized groups worked to put into place the strategy.

Reports of the progress of the project are posted in real time on the site www.stopauxviolencessexuelles.com

SVS must find ways to insure the financing of its Strategy

We are asking businesses to support our project, as consequences of sexual violence impact the daily lives of a multitude of employees. Past victims of sexual violence are those primarily found to be involved in moral, physical and/or sexual harassment in the work place.

We also believe that the work place is an important area in where information on SVS strategy as well as prevention should be relayed. Interesting progress can be made thanks to human resources departments and staff doctors.

Of course we are at your disposal to answer any additional question that you might want to ask.

In order for this project to succeed, we need to mobilize at a national level and seek considerable financial support.

Priorities are:

Financing of the Conferences
Donations in blocks of 5,000 Euros

Financing of epidemiological studies
Donations in blocks of 10,000 Euros

– Financing of methods of prevention
Donations in blocks of 20,000 Euros

Donations in lesser amounts will be allocated to distribution of information.

Each donation is acknowledged by an active communication when SVS undertakes an action.

SVS can also provide in-house education and training programs for businesses, depending on the level of the donation.

Thank you for having taken the time to read this document. We are counting on you and your business to become active participants in this strategy!

Doctor Violaine GUERIN
Chairman of the Board